Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ready for a Close-up

Horton for a Horton is finished! I absolutely love, love, love the way this hat turned out. This colorway is wonderful and even more so knitted up. The colors complement each other so well and it's just such a sweet combination of blue and berry. Apparently Maddie Cat loves it too. She's definitely a diva and she loves to have her picture taken. She was sleeping peacefully on the back of the couch but the moment she heard the camera shutter open, she made her way over and plopped right on top of the hat. I appeased her and snapped a few pictures of her sitting happily atop the hat. Kenzie, I sure hope you don't mind a cat hair or two in your hat!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Next Must Have

Alright so I will admit, I have an obsession (ok maybe a few but...). I absolutely love knitted toys. The more vintage looking, the better. Animals of all shapes and sizes, finger puppets, little monsters, you name it, I love it. A few of the books I have include a pattern or two of little knitted critters. However, I want to start putting together a collection of books that dedicate themselves to knitted toys. The Itty-Bitty Toys book by Susan B. Anderson is now on the top of my list of must haves. Ever single pattern that I've seen knitted up from that book makes my heart melt. I have this future goal that when we do decide to start a family and I get pregnant, I am going to knit a toy a month for the baby. I figure that is a sure way to make sure that he or she has a good start to a handmade toy collection (and a way to pass the time). I don't have to wait to start making some now right?

Both of the above photographs: Alana of Never Not Knitting

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who Doesn't Love a Lamb?

As I scrolled through the blogs that I frequent, I learned that this adorable knitted lamb pattern from Susan B. Anderson's Itty-Bitty Toys book is available on the Petite Purls website. I just love love love it! Since the Columbus City limits will not allow me my own live flock, perhaps I could knit up an entire herd of these sheep. I believe a trip to a LYS to find the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan yarn to for the sheep's knobby wool is in order...

Image from ITTY-BITTY TOYS by Susan B. Anderson (Artisan Books).
Copyright 2009. Liz Banfield photographer.

And even if you aren't interested in the lamb pattern, you should definitely check out Petite Purls. So many cute patterns and fun things to browse.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Anne Geddes Cute

My wonderful photographer friend Ashley (Ashley Horton Photography) asked me if I could knit up a cocoon and hat for her to use when doing newborn photoshoots. She had sent me a picture of something she had in mind so I set out to find the perfect neutral color yarn to knit up. After much searching (4 local yarn shops later) I found the most perfect yarn at Wonder Knit. Only problem was that it was all dyed into fun colors, nothing quite neutral enough. Somewhat defeated, I was getting ready to go home and start searching online. Then, the girl who was working the shop had a brilliant idea- the woman who spins and dyes the yarn had just moved all her supplies to the shop to start spinning and dying from there. She went searching in the back and found a full skein of undyed beautiful yarn. She called the woman who gladly sold the undyed skein. I was so excited! This yarn was absolutely perfect. The extreme thick and thin spun yarn, its incredible soft touch, and the complete natural color, it was just what I needed. I knit up a cocoon and modified a hat pattern I found to create the items. Ashley loved them and has used them in a handful of her newborn shoots. She has sent me a few pictures of the items in action and I hope you'll agree, these shots are so cute. Anne Geddes cute.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Horton for a Horton

A new project is on the needles and I am rather excited about it. I told a dear friend of mine to pick out a few yarn colorways I have in my stash and that I would make her kiddos some hats. One of the colorways she selected for her daughter happens to be just perfect. Their last name is Horton and I just so happen to have a colorway titled, "An Amusing Elephant, Horton!" by BugSnuggler. The yarn base is aran BFL and it's so squishy and soft. I love the colors and it's knitting up so lovely. I cannot wait to finish it and send it off to her.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day Love

I made these Valentine's cards for my nieces and nephews. I had extra supplies so I sent a couple out to friends and family. You never get too old to send out Valentine's right?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Brown Owls Longies

The Brown Owls longies are finished!!! Cannot wait to see Nicholas wear these this coming weekend. Pictures of him sporting them will get posted soon. The longies were made using Julibeans "Brown Owls" on BFL Aran yarn. It knit up like a dream and is so incredibly soft!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chick-A-Dee Grayson

Align Left
Last night I received these photos of Gracie modeling her longies and hat. I am sure you will all agree that she is absolutely adorable! Plus her mommy is such a wonderful photographer! Check out her work here at Ashley Morgan Photography. I couldn't be more pleased with the way these longies and hat turned out!

Yarn is Family Roots "Grapefruit Love" on Willow Merino.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Day for Browsing Blogs

I came across this site awhile ago but every time I visit it I find something new and wonderful. The Purl Bee is filled with so many crafty things from knitting to patchwork to embroidery and crochet. I have found so many items on the site that I want to rush home and make myself! Here is one item in particular that I cannot wait to make someday. Purl Bee Snuggle Sack.

This sleep sack is absolutely adorable! I am even willing to try my hand at fair isle to make this. Plus this is such a wonderful combination of colors. It may take me a while to figure out all the skills needed to make this, including adding in the zipper... perhaps I should get started now.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Feel Crafty

Today while browsing through some blogs looking for something inspiring, I came across this blog and these little guys and they brought a smile to my face. I now feel compelled to make a rainbow of them for myself.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WIP Brown Owls

This pair of Julibeans "Brown Owls" longies continue to knit up beautifully! This BFL yarn is so soft and squishy. I am hoping to have them finished by this weekend. I get to see my adorable godson then and I hope to see him wear them! Pictures of this WIP below!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

forget about the butterflies, cupcakes and dump trucks...

The title for this post is inspired by a conversation had via facebook last night and the wise words of a dear friend. There was the most adorable shirt available on Universal Mama by {Cake.} last night. I was so tempted to buy it.

I kept thinking to myself, there are so many little ones in the family, someone will be able to wear it! The more I thought about it however, all of the little ones are not so little and not a single one of them could ever fit into this itty bitty shirt. Disappointed but not discouraged, I thought to myself, I should add it to my "someday collection". My dear friend (another country farm girl like myself) who saw my comment about this item said that she (who btw is expecting her first in March-yay!) started her "someday collection" before she was even married but that it's really come in handy-picking up those outfits and items that you'll "probably never see again". As she said, "forget about butterflies, cupcakes, and dumptrucks, I pick up the stuff with cows, sheeps, horses, etc. ...not very often you see that stuff. Take advantage of it!" and " if you don't ever use it, you can garage sale it!"

Now I must admit, I already started my "Someday Collection". And like my friend, mine too started before I was even married. It is small but growing. There are just some things that cannot be passed up. For example-I found the most adorable little sweater at Old Navy for only $3.00 on their extreme clearance rack. Wonderful knitted little sweater in blues and browns and creams. Way too much intarsia knitting for me for one thing and I couldn't even buy the yarn for the price I got it for! The other thing I have a habit of buying are little shirts on the clearance rack that I see when we go on vacation places- like the little shark shirt I snagged at the New England Aquarium on our first anniversary trip to Boston. The day that shirt finally gets put into use, I will be able to reflect on all the great memories we had on that trip and how far we've come since then.

In addition to the things I've bought like shirts and sweaters and books (tons of books), I also have a "someday" yarn stash. Yarns that I love so much I just can't part with them and I want to make something lovely for my own little ones someday. I never know if those colorways will still be around by that time. Of course there will be more new and beautiful colorways but some are just too lovely not to have. One example of these special colorways is Nurturing Threads "Hummingbird". Oh how I love this colorway. I was lucky enough to snatch up a custom dye slot with Stacy and had her dye me up 6 skeins of this wonderful colorway. I decided that I wanted enough that if I made something today for someone, I would still have enough when that someday comes along!

Nurturing Threads "Hummingbird"

Monday, February 8, 2010

WIP Brown Owls Longies

Started knitting up a pair of wooly longies for my godson. The yarn, Julibeans "Brown Owls" on BFL Aran is so incredibly soft! So far it's knitting up wonderfully and I am absolutely in love with the colorway. I am using a trim skein of orange for the waistband and cuffs-the color reminds me of cheetos!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sometimes things just speak to me...

When my parents decided to move from our first house out to the area they now live in, we went from having a half acre to seven acres. For some reason this inspired my father to buy sheep. His plan of course was thinking they would make a nice lawn mower and save him the trouble of cutting all the grass. The property they bought had a large barn so there was a place to keep them-and we could show them in 4-H right? So why not? I distinctly remember coming home from school and there being a message on our answering machine "Yes, we still have some lambs available. We will be in this evening if you'd like to come see them." And so began our family's venture into sheep farming.

When we arrived at the farm, they introduced us to two bottle fed twin lambs. I was smitten instantly. We ended up taking them home, one for me, one for my brother. He named his Henrietta. I named my lamb Posie. For those of you familiar with the American Girl series and have ever read Felicity's books, you would know that her lamb was also named Posie. Posie was the sweetest sheep you'd ever find. As she grew from a small lamb to a full grown ewe, she never lost her gentleness. It was very common to find her laying in her pen with one of our cats snuggled right up with her. She never turned away a lamb who tried to nurse from her (mother sheep are usually very unwilling to let lambs that are not theirs nurse from them). Two sheep somehow turned into twenty or more (especially at lambing season). There were plenty of wonderful sheep that passed through our barn doors but Posie will always hold a special place in my heart. As my brother and I grew older and our 4-H showing days ended, so did the sheep farm. One by one they have aged and passed. We have only one sheep left, Rose, one of Posie's daughters. Unfortunately, we lost Posie to illness and malnutrition after she was improperly cared for at a breeder's. She was cremated and her ashes were spread in a flower bed that surrounds the flag pole in the center of the yard. It is known as Posie's Garden.

When I saw this colorway by Tree Frog Knits, it spoke to me. Not only was it named "Posie"(Posie v.2 actually is it's name), but the colors reminded me of the flowers in her garden that will begin to show themselves when the spring season comes. I find comfort in the renewal of life that occurs in those flower beds every spring. It was hard to say goodbye to such a loving little friend, especially the way that things happened.

Those who don't have pets may find it hard to understand the connection that can be made between a human and an animal. Even those with pets may find it hard to believe that something other than a cat or dog could show a person love. Let me tell you, as a person who has had nearly every type of animal at one point or another, be it farm animal or house pet, that bond can exist. I cannot wait to knit up something wonderful with this yarn.

Tree Frog Knits "Posie V.2"

A Finished Set

Grayson's longies and hat are finished! This custom set was so much fun to knit. A friend of mine had me knit these for her little girl, Grayson, who is one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever seen. The set is knit up in Family Roots "Grapefruit Love" on Willow Merino. It was a joy to knit up and is so soft. The colorway is absolutely lovely and such a pretty girly combination. I cannot wait to see Gracie in this set (pictures of that coming soon!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Compulsive Shopper, Who Me? Never.

Today, despite my best efforts, I failed. But yet I succeeded. Confused yet? I tried my hardest not to buy yarn, I really did. Perhaps it's the time of year and everywhere you go you see cute Valentine's Day things in reds and pinks. Or maybe I should attribute it to my current craving of chocolate. Regardless, I could not pass up this delicious yarn from Western Sky Knits today.

WSK "Love of Chocolate"

When Our Talents Combine...

I knitted up a few hats for my wonderful friend's kiddos. They turned out a bit big, the yarn was rather stretchy and I was not the biggest fan of working with it. However, despite all that, her kiddos look adorable in them. She is an amazing photographer and sent me shots of them sporting the hats. I am so blessed to have such talented friends!