Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ready for a Close-up

Horton for a Horton is finished! I absolutely love, love, love the way this hat turned out. This colorway is wonderful and even more so knitted up. The colors complement each other so well and it's just such a sweet combination of blue and berry. Apparently Maddie Cat loves it too. She's definitely a diva and she loves to have her picture taken. She was sleeping peacefully on the back of the couch but the moment she heard the camera shutter open, she made her way over and plopped right on top of the hat. I appeased her and snapped a few pictures of her sitting happily atop the hat. Kenzie, I sure hope you don't mind a cat hair or two in your hat!


  1. LOVE it! And your kitty, too:)

  2. SO cute!! The hat I mean, and the cat too I suppose... lol