Tuesday, February 9, 2010

forget about the butterflies, cupcakes and dump trucks...

The title for this post is inspired by a conversation had via facebook last night and the wise words of a dear friend. There was the most adorable shirt available on Universal Mama by {Cake.} last night. I was so tempted to buy it.

I kept thinking to myself, there are so many little ones in the family, someone will be able to wear it! The more I thought about it however, all of the little ones are not so little and not a single one of them could ever fit into this itty bitty shirt. Disappointed but not discouraged, I thought to myself, I should add it to my "someday collection". My dear friend (another country farm girl like myself) who saw my comment about this item said that she (who btw is expecting her first in March-yay!) started her "someday collection" before she was even married but that it's really come in handy-picking up those outfits and items that you'll "probably never see again". As she said, "forget about butterflies, cupcakes, and dumptrucks, I pick up the stuff with cows, sheeps, horses, etc. ...not very often you see that stuff. Take advantage of it!" and " if you don't ever use it, you can garage sale it!"

Now I must admit, I already started my "Someday Collection". And like my friend, mine too started before I was even married. It is small but growing. There are just some things that cannot be passed up. For example-I found the most adorable little sweater at Old Navy for only $3.00 on their extreme clearance rack. Wonderful knitted little sweater in blues and browns and creams. Way too much intarsia knitting for me for one thing and I couldn't even buy the yarn for the price I got it for! The other thing I have a habit of buying are little shirts on the clearance rack that I see when we go on vacation places- like the little shark shirt I snagged at the New England Aquarium on our first anniversary trip to Boston. The day that shirt finally gets put into use, I will be able to reflect on all the great memories we had on that trip and how far we've come since then.

In addition to the things I've bought like shirts and sweaters and books (tons of books), I also have a "someday" yarn stash. Yarns that I love so much I just can't part with them and I want to make something lovely for my own little ones someday. I never know if those colorways will still be around by that time. Of course there will be more new and beautiful colorways but some are just too lovely not to have. One example of these special colorways is Nurturing Threads "Hummingbird". Oh how I love this colorway. I was lucky enough to snatch up a custom dye slot with Stacy and had her dye me up 6 skeins of this wonderful colorway. I decided that I wanted enough that if I made something today for someone, I would still have enough when that someday comes along!

Nurturing Threads "Hummingbird"


  1. Thank you for the little shout-out! <3 Lindsey

  2. No problem Lindsey! Your work is amazing!