Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Lucky Find x2

A while back I saw the most adorable set on Universal Mama. A little shirt made by {cake.} and a beautiful pair of longies by Dwell Wool Knits. I wanted this little shirt so badly! At the time I thought I could get it for my nephew (one of the two that it would fit). But alas, two things stopped me from getting it. A) The cost since it was paired with the longies (and therefore exceeded the Christmas shopping budget per child) and B) It was snatched up so fast I wouldn't have been able to anyway. Well as the fates have it, I was browsing through Spots and I saw that little shirt listed on there. I had to have it! Of course my nephews are both now too big for it but I am adding this to my someday stash. Perhaps I will find a little one to give it to before then, but I am holding out hope that I'll need it sooner rather than later for one of my own!

THEN a few days later, browsing around Spots again, I came across this gorgeous colorway. A Mosaic Moon colorway called "Noellaig" which matches the shirt perfectly! I am pretty sure it is the same colorway that was used to make the longies that were originally with the shirt because I checked around on Ravelry. The colorway was listed as an OOAK, but now is listed as Noellaig which means Christmas. I am so excited about these lucky finds...this is going to make a perfect set!


  1. That is perfect Lisa! I LOVED that set when it first stocked!

  2. I was so excited to find them both! Such a perfect match!